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Our speciality lies in creating dynamic and powerful headshots.
We shoot for our clients in our London studio or on location.

Perfect for actors, young stars, business owners, musical theatre performers, models
and anyone else that needs to be represented by a stunning image.
Please browse our range of services below which we have created especially for you.


Testimonials from our happy clients

VM Headshots is a professional service with a clear artists
vision of what can be achieved from a headshot.
I felt safe and inspired to lay myself bare in front of the camera
allowing for that unique moment to be captured.
I am very camera shy but once I relaxed I actually enjoyed the process
which is really down to the way things are down during the shoot.
The team truly understood the look I was going for and completely nailed it!
I would highly recommend them, you simply just won't find any better!

NatashaIT Consultant

The team were a pleasure to work with. Professional and friendly.
They put me at ease and I saw the results very quickly.
When I saw the final images I immediately knew that they would be
a valuable part of my marketing tool kit.
Overall, a great experience that produced exceptional results.

RaffVocalist & Writer

The team takes there time to get to know what it is
you wish to achieve from the photo session.
This approach enabled my daughter to feel confident and relaxed.
We were delighted with the images received.
VM Headshots has a very competitive headshot package
and I am happy to see that they also consider the needs of
parents with children as I feel that this is an area that has previously been overlooked.

SarahMum of Jessica

I had a great time during my photo shoot with VM Headshots
and I am extremely pleased with the results.
They me feel very comfortable all the way through and was
very encouraging and honest with his advice on how
I should make myself look to make my headshots look appealing to agents.
They also presented me with some many really good headshots to choose from,
I honestly couldn’t believe how good they came out.
I would certainly recommend him to anyone in the industry and
will definitely be coming back for more in the future!


Being in the VM Headshots studio was an experience
not just of having photos taken of me, but of being understood.
The team took a really personal and skilful approach
which meant that the results captured something about who I am.
Because of that the results are worth so much more than just images,
but they’ve got my personality. I honestly couldn’t be happier.

HannahArt Curator

Adult headshot session

£190 each or *£165 each if you refer a friend (inc VAT)

Working with us to create that winning headshot means you
have decades of our photographic experience at your fingertips!
We ensure your headshot compliments you and your desired outcome.

We guide you through the process, putting you at ease, ensuring you relax and enjoy the shoot.
You will be supplied with 3 images, a mix of both colour and black and white, you’ll even get one outfit change.
Your images are carefully retouched to preserve a natural but strong look,
so you can feel confident they will be suitable for spotlight and agency use.

Childrens headshot session

We have created ‘VM Headshots for children’ for your young star! 

We gently guide your child through the head shot process, with ease and enjoyment,
ultimately getting those super important winning shots. We all want them to get that part!
We understand how quickly children grow and change, and our packages have been devised with this in mind.

All of our images are carefully retouched to preserve the natural look
so you can feel confident they will be suitable for spotlight and agency use.
Your child star’s headshot session can also focus on those
all-important facial expressions, which showcases their versatility.

PACKAGE ONE: Price £165.00 (inc VAT).

Your child star gets one headshot session which includes two outfit changes
during the session and three naturally retouched images will be supplied.

PACKAGE TWO: Price £265.00 (inc VAT).

Your child’s features are changing week by week.
This package offers two headshot sessions (4 months apart, capturing the latest look).
This includes two outfit changes and three naturally retouched images per session (six images in total).

Rates for corporates

We understand the unique requirements of corporate clients.

In many cases we will create a studio in your offices, reducing impact on your productivity.
For multiple corporate bookings please call us with information on your requirements.

Call us on: 07881 888 783. We will be happy to build a package to suit your needs.


Introducing the VM Headshot fund

A fun way for you to give back

VM HEADSHOTS recognise that people need a helping hand and guidance
when it comes to the world of presentation, so we have created THE VM HEADSHOTS FUND.
We take a percentage of the sales made from our headshot business and use this to fund the complimentary
headshot service we offer to people from all walks of life who have been nominated by our network.

We collaborate with our partner organisations to find recipients of the Headshot Fund sessions chart
their journey and rise to success! See how we create images for our clients: @VMHEADSHOTS

Headshot Fund client: SHAYE LAWRENCE. With ambitions of screen & stage,
how could we not add VM HEADSHOTS magic to the mix.

Our headshot fund partners

FAQs, Advice & Testimonials

WHERE ARE YOU BASED/WHERE DO WE SHOOT? We are based in North London. We are BIG fans of natural light headshots! With this in mind, our studio of choice is always an outdoor space. Parks are fantastic relaxed spaces, with great light for amazing headshots (let us know where you are based and we will endeavour to find somewhere suitable close by). We do however have an indoor option for those scenarios that require it, and for clients booking five individuals or more, we will come to your place of work and set up a VM HEADSHOTS portable studio.

We are located at: The Bernie Grant Art Centre, Enterprise Building Unit 10, Town Hall Approach Road, London N15 4RX.

BOOKING:To book your headshot session you can contact us on 07881 888 783 or fill in our contact form.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN AT MY SESSION? On the day of your session please arrive 15 minutes early to allow us time to prepare. We will go through what you have brought with you and chose the final outfit/outfits for your session. Once we start shooting we will work with the best angles that suit your needs.

HOW LONG WILL MY SESSION LAST? We advise our clients to allow between 30-60minutes for their headshot sessions.

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE SHOOT? After the shoot the image is edited. We like to keep everything natural, these are the characteristics of a winning headshot and so we keep retouching to a minimum. Then we will email you the contact sheet (a collection of images taken at the shoot), so that you can select the images that work the best for your needs.  If you are having child headshot images, feel free to share these with their agent, to help you make the selection. Once the choice has been made, we will then send the high resolution images to you electronically.

CAN MY HEADSHOT IMAGES BE DIGITALLY PRINTED? Yes, we recommend THE PRINT SPACE as we have found them to produce great self serve prints at a competitive rate.

WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT FROM OTHER PHOTOGRAPHERS The VM headshots are different because of our amazing headshot fund. As a headshot business we are as equally committed to delivering winning headshots as we are to be supporting the career development of individuals.

Working with partner organisations including MedioriteProtege and Iitspiration we make it easy for our customers to help others. A percentage of the fee you pay to us, goes into our headshot fund. We then give a free headshot session to one of the people that our partner organisations work with.

WHY ARE MOST IMAGE FROM VM HEADHSOTS CREATED IN LANDSCAPE FORMAT? We have always been a massive fan of landscape-oriented images, and by visiting  www.visualmarvelry.com you will see many examples of this. If you watch any film where the scene is a close-up of the face you will see what we mean, since many of the clients that we shoot for will be seen on a screen of some sort (film or website) this is the best format. Of course if you REALLY want your image to be shot in portrait we can either shoot in that format or crop after the shoot. Please let us know your preference

I’VE NEVER HAD MY PHOTO TAKEN BEFORE, WILL I BE OK? We work in a professional, relaxed and fun way. We’ll guide you through the process to put you at ease, so that you can relax and enjoy the shoot.

CAN I HAVE A CHANGE OF OUTFIT? Of course! You can have one outfit change. This will enable us to capture two sides of your personality.

HOW DO I PAY FOR MY SESSIONS? Payment is required ahead of the shoot to secure your booking. PAYMENT DETAILS: Please make your payment to the following account: BANK: Santander ACCOUNT NAME: Visual Marvelry  /  SORT CODE: 090128  /  ACCOUNT NUMBER: 48329876 / REFERENCE: VM Headshots

HOW LONG AFTER THE SESSIONS WILL I RECEIVE MY PHOTOS? We will aim to have your images to you within 5 working days (If you need them sooner please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you).

After your session we’ll email you the contact sheet (a collection of images taken at the shoot), so that you can select the three images you feel work best. Feel free to share them with your agent to help you make your selection, it’s important that you are happy. Once you have selected them, we will then send the high-resolution photos to you electronically.

DO YOU HAVE AGE LIMITS FOR YOUR CLIENTS? We definitely do not! We believe that the need for a great image of yourself is not limited by age.

A FEW DAYS BEFORE: Please send over an image of yourself, this helps us to prepare in terms of lighting and composition.

CLOTHING FOR THE HEADSHOT SESSION: Please bring a few neutral tops and t-shirts to change into (Preferably no stripes, patterns or large logos). Black, blue, purple, white or grey are good colours.  Bring along a top or jacket of your choice that is a little bit more special (to give us an extra option).

MAKE-UP: If you wear make-up it should be as natural as possible for your headshot session (headshot images are all about you with minimal distractions). We can also supply a make-up service if you would prefer to have a particular look created for you on the day. There is an extra cost for this service.

AFTER THE SHOOT: After your session we will go through the images together to make the selection, then they are processed. Striking headshots are about bringing your personality to the forefront, so we keep retouching to a minimum.

Then we’ll send your finished high-resolution image/s to you via WeTransfer. If you would like to print the images we recommend; The Print Space (www.theprintspace.co.uk), they print to a high quality and are very reasonable.

We normally ask clients if they are happy for their image to be used to promote VM Headshots online and in print. Please let us know if you would not like your image to be used.

EXTRAS: You may decide that you would like additional images from the selection we create during your session. There is a charge of £30.00for each additional image (black & white or colour) Payment for your extra images can be made on the day by cash or credit / debit card.

FOR PRINTING WE RECOMMEND: The Print Space (www.theprintspace.co.uk), they print to a high quality and are very reasonable.

We hope that you will be happy with the results. We ask all customers to credit the images in the following way: “image by www.vmheadshots.com”. Please also follow us on FACEBOOKTWITTER and INSTAGRAM, we want to know how you’re doing so please keep in touch by using @VMHEADSHOTS and #VMHEADSHOTS in your posts.


THE BERNIE GRANTS ART CENTRE: Enterprise Building Unit 10, Town Hall Approach Road, London N15 4RX.
We are a 5 minute walk from Seven Sisters Tube Station and are easily accessible by all transport links.

TRANSPORT LINKS: Underground: Seven Sisters (Victoria Line) Take Tottenham High Road exit.
Car: Off the A10, continue towards Seven Sisters Junction and then branch off to the left for Town Hall Approach
Buses: 149, 259, 243, 476, 230, 123  Trains: Seven Sisters (One Railway)

Contact us with enquiries and bookings: Call 07881 888 783 or fill in the form below

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“The team were a pleasure to work with. They put me at ease and I saw great results very quickly.”  RAFF _ Vocalist