Bringing my decades of storytelling to the film set, I create an in depth behind the scenes suite of images that draw audiences in to the unfolding narrative. 


Souleyman found this location by chance while at an advertising shoot with his super talented daughter Nubya Garcia. It seems that this space was tailor made for the move that was coming to its final planning stages and becoming ready to shoot.

The house is filled from top to bottom with amazing original decor and household items that have been lovingly looked after by the family after the passing of their mother who was the original owner. The entire crew spent the shoot reminiscing over the working “Blue Dot” gram and all of the other memorable interior delights.


“The innovation mindset. Out-of-the-box thinking. Whichever phrase you choose to coin, it can neither be studied, nor learnt,” says Charles. “Great designers are innately rebellious. They were born outside the box. Punk music took me in, early on. It fit. A young man on the outside of traditional expectations, my childhood experience was filled with more views from the planet than many get to see in a lifetime. It’s always been the default to see things differently: to look at life, environment and behaviour through a different filter. To create beyond what is expected. To redirect the road ahead. When it comes to design, I will always be outside the box.”

“If you don’t have anything to say, your photographs are not going to say much.” GORDON PARKS