The New Chieftains was founded by visual artist Agenda Brown
and was formally launched in September 2014 as an Agenda Brown production. 

“In a world of celebritydom THE NEW CHIEFTAINS are a breath of fresh air.
They’re non conformists whose instinct to succeed is driven by passion, transformation and challenge.
It is these qualities that make them unconventional. Individually they are powerful
and collectively they represent a tribe of talent who embody tenacity.
Validation does not come from public accolades but in the form of endeavour,
creative transformation and personal achievement.”

Creative storyteller Agenda, was compelled to capture their powerful and rich narrative.
He wanted to magnify qualities that are typically overshadowed by the importance placed on fame.

We continue to tell stories of the latest New Chieftains joining the tribe.

Click here to witness the story as it unfolds at (External website)

Featured image: Ingmari Lamy from THE NORDIC FEMALE POWER CHAPTER.


“I went to a grammar school. And that was a big deal.” DON LETTS