The style of my imagery positions individuals in a larger context whilst preserving their specific
personality, and reflecting the intimate scale of their individual context and humanity.

Studio Marvelry encapsulates my perspective on the world and also informs my creative process,
as a tool and philosophy. It has developed my approach to image creation.
I’m constantly honing this process driven by my ambition to create evocative images that amplify my
clients and subjects and inform my vision, which is infinite.

Featured image: Michelle Noél © Agenda Brown



A STRONG PORTAIT SHOULD BE FAMILIAR… They are the window into the person, sharing insight and understanding.

My role is to dissolve anything that gets in the way of the audience and to eliminate distractions. To personally connect with the individual and illuminate their character.


My highly personal approach to collaborations has resulted in powerful advertising and editorial campaigns. It is rewarding to create images that assist my clients in realising their vision.

Here are an array of campaigns I have had the pleasure of creating, shaping and influencing.


Creating dynamic and powerful headshots for clients in our London studio or on location.

Perfect for actors, young stars, business owners, musical theatre performers, models and anyone else that needs to be represented by a stunning image. 


“Photographs capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” KARL LAGERFELD