I see images in collections or series and these often then go on to form visual stories.
Presenting this mix of self initiated and commissioned stories to the world motivates me to keep exploring.
A story can evolve from observations in my daily life or a commission where I have been tasked with shaping a narrative that needs to be explored on a deeper level.

What is emerging from this process is a new way of presenting the image series that are created when telling a personal or brand story: this format is STILL STORIES.

STILL STORIES have a pace to them that I feel allows the viewer to engage more deeply with what’s being said, focusing the eye into detail and layering that the fast pace of film moves through at a much quicker rate, making it harder to create connections between spoken word and the image. The considered pace of StillStories makes space for these connections to evolve at a rate that the mind can retain. The results are powerful narrative distillations that convey the essence of the story that needs to be told.


“The innovation mindset. Out-of-the-box thinking. Whichever phrase you choose to coin, it can neither be studied, nor learnt,” says Charles. “Great designers are innately rebellious. They were born outside the box. Punk music took me in, early on. It fit. A young man on the outside of traditional expectations, my childhood experience was filled with more views from the planet than many get to see in a lifetime. It’s always been the default to see things differently: to look at life, environment and behaviour through a different filter. To create beyond what is expected. To redirect the road ahead. When it comes to design, I will always be outside the box.”


In a world of celebritydom THE NEW CHIEFTAINS are a breath of fresh air. They’re non conformists whose instinct to succeed is driven by passion, transformation and challenge. It is these qualities that make them unconventional. Individually they are powerful and collectively they represent a tribe of talent who embody tenacity. Validation does not come from public accolades but in the form of endeavour, creative transformation and personal achievement.


A day spent selecting the finest fruits that Walthamstow has to offer with Michelin trained chef PEDRO PASSINHAS The foraged items later influenced a spectacular menu created for
The New Chieftains Nordic Supper Club.


After being wowed many times by the vegan Italian offerings from Fed By Water, conversation is sparked with the blonde lady that I have seen many times there. I found myself wondering “what’s the connection between her and this amazing place?” I then find out that Zoe (The blonde lady) is actually a co-owner…


A visual record of those influential in culture, education, sport and community activism in the UK. Black history influences us all year round – too vast to be contained in just one month a year.
“what do we do with these amazing stories for the other 11 months of the year?”


Made by Tottenham aims to support the local creative economy, freelancers and businesses by offering business advice and guidance, skills & training and a platform for news, events and opportunities.

Tottenham is amongst the most creative areas of London, with almost 1 in 5 residents working in the creative industries; London’s fastest growing sector prior to the pandemic. Now more than ever, it is vital to support and celebrate our local creative economy.


FOCUSSED YOUNG INDIVIDUALS. With youth unemployment rising and the London riots, this exhibition is poignant. We’ve had the priviledge of working with outstanding young creatives in Hackney. This exhibition not only involves young people, it pays tribute to them. We want you to notice them.


A music video production story captured with Onipa Star and his creative team. “This was just the start” ONIPA


“Stripped Back – The Story: I wanted to take a journey with a few individuals who had inked themselves and had a story to tell. Each Inked item on their body had significance – it was about  seeing past their clothes and their ink, and to embrace their tattoos – ownership of once what signified a different kind of ownership. I wanted to take something negative and turn it into something positive. With Agenda, and his style of work, I felt that we would be able to capture the scene and the mood. Shooting on location in Brighton was a real adventure.”

Ranya Mohamad


Cuba was an amazing and enlightening experience for me. The people, atmosphere and vibe really touched me deeply.

I thank Yunil (The man with the Trumpet) for making our trip so amazing! It would have not been the same without you. The light in Cuba truly said something to my camera!


“This series is not a replication of Peter Lindbergh’s famed minimal re-touch and make up approach, but serves more as a beacon of my appreciation and respect to what he has achieved over the years.

Peter Lindbergh was on my dream list of people to meet, and this series of  portraits fuelled by his inspirational energy serves as a replacement in his absence”

“If you don’t have anything to say, your photographs are not going to say much.” GORDON PARKS