A STRONG PORTAIT SHOULD BE FAMILIAR… They are the window into the person, sharing insight and understanding.
My role is to dissolve anything that gets in the way
 of the audience and to eliminate distractions.
To personally connect with the individual and illuminate their character.

I am fascinated by capturing the intimate narrative of the individual, their synergy with time and place.
I reveal their story by framing the context of the moment. The final image is a personalised choreography,
filmic in scale but a close-up of the person as an actor on their own stage.


Strong images are not reserved to adults only. The spirit and spontaneity of children is a theme that is closely celebrated in my work. The young ones have been a source of constant amazement and inspiration! Photographing them has been a true joy.

Meet Brooke Lewis, I was asked by her family to come up with a way to document her life from 6 months old until 5 years old. As the years have passed it has been a privilege and a joy to see this amazing young lady grow. We are now past 5 years and there is no stop in sight. I look forward to the book that will be produced for you Brooke.


“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs”. Henry Ford