THE SILK ROAD _ Where East & West Collide

Tell me more about this image, and the subject in-it.

The Mugen No Warrior project is a series of three shoots, the first stage; Stripped Back and the second one entitled The Silk Road. Mugen No Warrior is an emerging brand, it was founded by a client who is a stylist, we came together to create this challenging story.  We prioritized details from different angles to create an atmosphere, which was remunerative. The third shoot pulls everything together as one.


What were you intending to capture?

The client wanted images that had a “timed and aged” quality to them, with a modern twist. To meet the brief I focused on those characteristics, with the subject I wanted to capture her vulnerability, whilst highlighting her power. This came through naturally and I feel it really complimented the outcome. Looking back in retrospect with so much focus on the details the visual antonyms are really emphasised; weakness and power.


How did this project come about?

I was introduced to the client via a mutual friend; we connected and understood each other almost right away. After talking on several occasions, we discovered that both of us appreciated the same things and that we have similar interests. We have been keen to work together for sometime and have the third and final shoot to go!


What were you keeping in mind during the shoot? Did you take anything away?

It was interesting having to shoot with the end result in mind; we haven’t shot the final part yet but I had to co-ordinate everything with this objective. It gave me the confidence knowing that they will go hand in hand with with the final images. I also had to shoot to suit the client’s brief, which in my mind was quite far removed at that point.


Additionally, using photoshop to achieve the “aged” look wasn’t the quickest process, I would not call myself a retoucher, it is not my second nature; however editing the images in a way that is familiar to me worked out in the end.


Anything I might have missed?

I am really happy with these images. Firstly, to me they are very strong visually, especially when viewed as a collection. Secondly, I feel they are a good test for me; to balance the client’s objectives whilst creating an emotive image with such a specific look. To me that is a successful shoot!