Made In LA




Early in 2019 Anne of COATZ and I luckily crossed paths while I was on a trip to LA to shoot
something entirely different. We originally met in order for me to get closer to her amazing creations
but our first encounter rapidly hatched a vision of capturing unique Angelenos in unique garments.
Our story involves a fascinating man and an imaginative woman. Meet Moshe and Amy. In COATZ.

Thank you to: Anne, Jendayi, Moshe, Amy and Jan. This wouldn’t have been the same without you!

We asked our models for the day to share their views on LA


Born in Italy, Moshe spent his youth in between Milan and New York and was reared within an ultra orthodox community.
After years of travel and exploration into how identity and culture shape our belief systems,
Moshe now works with individuals to co-create experiences dedicated to binding the threads that connect us as one.
Committed to initiatives which elevate human consciousness and recognizing the uniqueness
within each individual as a piece of the universal whole, is his passion.

AB: Whats does LA mean to you?
Moshe: Innovation, forward thinking, opportunity and the best vegan tacos.
AB: How do you see style?
Moshe: Style has nothing to do with anyone else but is rather the culmination of one’s own unique expression.
With ample opportunity to make choices reflective of our values, purchasing clothing and personal products
that do not risk the lives of others or degrade the earth is a trend I’m happy to be a part of.
AB: Tell us something that is important to you?
Moshe: Working to surpass deeply ingrained divisive mentality and building bridges between diverse communities.


Having graduated from Rhode Island School of Design and publishing the Book Felt Toy Making,
Amy was one of the earliest designers to join the NY Muppet Workshop in 1976.
Amy then went on to be hired during the first season of Jim Hensons, The Muppet Show.
After leaving The Muppets to start a family, she later worked for the Walt Disney Department as a Disney Imagineer.

AB: Whats does LA mean to you?
Amy: L.A. means beaches and sun and unleashed creativity.
AB: How do you see style?
Amy: I am currently thinking about how to be equipped when you are out and about so that you can avoid
one use and plastic items. So style to me right now is being serious in your choices and rejections.
An example is the Viktor and Rolf spring 2019 collection, whoa! Maybe slightly more subtle.
AB: Tell us something that is important to you?
Amy: My children’s happiness and helping with the problem of plastic in the ocean

“I love LA, it re-invents itself everyday” Billy Connolly