"VISUAL MARVELRY™ A creative expression of how I make sense of the world."

I trusted my gut instincts when I left behind my career as a graphic designer to pick up a camera as a visual adventurer. I continue to follow my intuition now as photographer and visual artist for Visual Marvelry™.

It is a personalised approach that I have developed for both conceptualisation and creative art direction whether applied to advertising, editorial, portraiture or storytelling.

“Driven by limitless possibilities of working with those who understand, together we can create something that is not possible on our own” AGENDA

Over time I have honed my creativity and my artistic style has revealed itself.  My camera is my voice , and what I create speaks for and to me; I could not imagine my life without it. I’m driven by my desire to encapsulate authenticity in a chosen moment, whilst dissolving anything that gets in the way of connecting with a great image. My role is to absolutely eliminate distraction, which is why my equipment is minimal and my use of natural light is paramount to my approach.  I’m passionate about the limitless possibilities that come from cross fertilisation and collaborating with people who understand that by working together we can create something amazing.  I value time with my clients to determine their motivations and ambitions,  these provide opportunities for understanding and synergy.

I am not afraid to let things happen, I trust in serendipity and the unexpected, allowing the results to speak for themselves.’

More about Agenda. Agenda’s humility is reflected in his ability to put people at ease, capture the authentic narrative of a moment, and in his dogged commitment to cultivating the detail of his visual art .  He is a rich observer with a sniper’s eye for detail but an art director’s empathy for character and role.

His first commission was for The Times and now his diverse range of clients include: The Arts Council, Social Enterprise UK, The Economist, The Children’s Society and UBS Bank.

Along the way, his talent has been recognised with awards and he has had several exhibitions of his work, such as ‘The New Chieftains’, ‘Focused Young Individuals’ and the ‘African and African-Caribbean Design Diaspora’ (AACDD).



Visual Marvelry™ encapsulates my perspective on the world but it is also what informs my creative process, as a tool and philosophy. It has developed my approach to conceptualisation and creative direction.  I’m constantly honing this process driven by my ambition to create evocative images that amplify my subjects and inform my vision, which is infinite .

Cross fertilisation goes beyond creative ideas and merely working together, it involves realising a shared vision with people who understand the power of collective synergy.  The results are always truly inspiring and fascinating. The most powerful results happen when my involvement starts at the very beginning of a project.

I have always been fascinated by the nature of visual translation, explicating an idea into a striking form truly excites me.  Ultimately the best ideas come from identifying the message and vision, and trusting in my instinct to capture them honestly. I believe to be creative you need to be able to speak a certain type of empathetic language and mine is Visual Marvelry™.

IMAGE: Annabel in one of her magic trees. © AGENDA / VISUAL MARVELRY™

“The minute you choose to do what you really want to do, it’s a different kind of life.” Bukminster Fuller